India Strategy & Setup

We advise companies on the right way of having a business set up in India, either for having a new market for their products and services or for cost-benefit reasons. On a broader level, we help them create a business plan, check feasibility, identify the right structure, location, set up the right infrastructure, go-to-market strategy and transaction advisory. Further, once the company is established we handhold them through our comprehensive Corporate Services  covering – Accounting, Payroll, Taxation, and Regulatory Services.


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Strategy : 

We understand the apprehension of setting up operations in a foreign land – new culture, talent, market, competition, economics, infrastructure, government regulations & policies. All aspects need to be studied and analysed before deciding to make the shift. It’s like having a blue-print ready in front of you before building the house. But it’s not just the blue-print that would help you build your firm in India. It is the firm handholding by a trustworthy associate who understands the local protocol and most importantly one who seeks to understand you first before even exploring options. As your International Business Partners we empathize with your business objectives and create a thorough Business Plan. This helps you visualize all the challenges and solutions on paper before you lay the first foundation of your new operations.

It’s about people and not just business :

We maintain a strong communication framework and ensure that your leadership team always gets to interact with our senior advisory team. We make sure that issues concerning all stakeholders – CEO, Sales, CFO, Delivery Head and Project Lead of different countries – are addressed. We communicate with them on a detailed basis throughout the journey.

Regulatory :

Based on the initial research you would have better clarity of the Indian market and need further guidance on the approach you wish to take for establishing your presence there. What should be the structure of the entity, capitalization, how will the money flow back to the parent country, etc. With a proven expertise in India’s regulatory compliances and procedures, we cover end-to-end transaction advisory encompassing all the relevant areas of government, law, policies and taxation including:

  • Capital Structuring
  • Company Law
  • Foreign Direct Investment Regulations
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Direct Taxation
  • Indirect Taxation
  • Exchange Control, Factory, Labour&Employment Regulations
  • Sector-specific Regulations

India is a large country with state-specific:

  • Laws & Regulations
  • Resource Availability
  • Talent Availability
  • Infrastructure – including, electricity, roads, airports, etc.
  • Taxes
  • Incentives
  • Real estate
  • Logistics
  • Culture and
  • Socialisation aspects, to name a few

We help you identify the right location for your business considering all the above aspects.

Financial Viability

Based on the blue-print and the location, we design a comprehensive five year project plan with forecasts, budgets and expected returns on investment. Relevant variables are included and it is tested against various scenarios and parameters to arrive at a business plan that predicts the actual revenues and returns. But most importantly, it recommends the right amount of investment and its timing.

Structure of the Entity

The structure of your entity in India will basically depend on the nature of your business i.e. whether you want to setup a:

  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Trading Office
  • Distribution Network
  • Sales Office
  • Delivery Centre
  • Support Centre
  • Other

There are essentially four types of entity structures that one can establish in India – Liaison Office, Branch Office, Wholly Owned Subsidiary and JV. Based on the type of your business, growth plans, tax & legal liabilities, Greenvissage recommends the right structure for your business in India.


Depending on the nature and size of the business, one needs to secure various registrations and compliances within stipulated timelines. These can be broadly categorized into labour level registrations, services & product related registrations, manufacturing & trading related registrations and industry specific norms. We help you in securing all the relevant registrations and compliances and also renew them from time-to-time so that you don’t have to worry about them and can focus on your core business.

Project Management :

Once the required ground-work is ready, it’s time to put things in place. We can help you identify and co-ordinate with various vendors to enable you start training / operations at the earliest and without having to bother and incur heavy expenses normally caused by project delays and inefficiencies.


For recruiting the leadership, management and the staff across all departments, we complete the initial screening process focusing mainly on the relevance of candidate andbudget. We then work together with you till the right talent comes on board. With a huge network of recruitment agencies including executive search companies, we assist you in sourcing the right candidates during the start-up phase and set a process for further recruitments during the year for your future requirements.

Office Infrastructure

Based on the location identified earlier, with the help of designated broking agencies, we help you with identifying the right premises. Short-listing, talking to the real estate firms, the landlords, negotiations, executing the agreements and finally moving into the new place we take care of everything. We help you with getting quotes and designs from various designers, contractors.


We help you set up the right processes and systems in place for your day to day operations. After understanding your accounting requirements, our Finance & Accounting services defines the processes, software and templates in place to ensure accurate & timely accounting, payroll, taxation, compliance and reporting to HO. We also assist you with opening your bank accounts in a bank that ensures smooth inward and outward remittances.

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