Corporate Services


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We at Greenvissage offer end-to-end corporate services which include accounting, payroll, taxation and compliances. The service facilitates companies in timely and accurate reporting and being compliant. We visualise, identify and address key accounting, tax and regulatory impact on proposed transactions on an ongoing basis.

The enormity and exacting nature of the corporate function of a company can be overwhelming and beyond the reach of an individual person. Managements would rather put their time to the more constructive purpose of generating and augmenting revenue than getting embroiled in the attention that this function demands.

A sneak peek at the complexity of this function can be succinctly summed up by observing that a typical accounts department for any company in India has to liaise with around 18 different local authorities, has to ensure compliance with up to 32 accounting standards, perform 45 Statutory Compliances and meet around 300 deadlines.

The following pressures make it a logical choice to outsource these functions to Greenvissage which provides a plug-and-play service to ensure certainty of services that are Compliant, Accurate and Timely:

  • Complexity of tasks
  • Plethora of compliances
  • Ever-changing regulations
  • Independence of reporting
  • Platform to discuss future plans and implications
  • Leveraging upon relationships with various customers / vendors

Multi-pronged approach


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We sit with you; take a long, hard look at your business/industry and zero in on the regulations applicable to you. We offer you guidance on the compliances relevant to your company’s business. The process is carried forward with a delivery schedule structure tailor-made to address your concerns.

Following is our regimen for the detail:

  • Standardise : We identify your standard recurring expenses and forecast and budget for it in your expenses projection.
  • Systematise : While making relevant provisions for it on an annual / monthly basis, we also help you design and frame policies that seek to improve efficiencies within your business unit.
  • Supervise : We set in motion a proactive follow-and-update process on accruing regulatory changes that saves you the ordeal of chasing us.
  • Simplify : Our deep insight enables us to visualise issues or challenges and give you sufficient buffer time to act on it.

Our idea is clear: Data and information must support the management in taking robust financial decisions.

We are a strong believer in processes and systems. With the automated transaction processing in place, every task is carried out in a rhythm. A sample process for regular tax with holding compliances:


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How you gain

  • An end-to-end solution offering a single point of contact for all interdependent processes in finance and accounting with escalation matrix Charted deadlines with efficient monitoring systems
  • Standardized filing and documentation systems
  • Access control to critical data
  • Built-in Maker: Checker and redundancy addressing mechanisms

In summary: We manage your business,
while you are busy building it!