The rise of Adani Group, a brief timeline

Here is a brief timeline of the Adani Group’s journey so far – 1988: Gautam Adani starts the Adani Group as a commodity trading business. 1990: The enterprise enters into the import-export business, with products such as frozen foods, dyes, plastic products, agricultural products, etc. 1991-92: Expansion into agri-storage and…
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Employee layoff

Tech layoffs – Why are tech companies laying off employees?

Background Amazon, Airbnb, Blinkit, BlueStacks, BYJU’S, Cars24, Cineplex, CityMall, Clear, Coinbase, Conde Nast, DiDi, Ford, Furlenco, HP, Klarna, Lido Learning, Meesho, Meta, MFine, Microsoft, Netflix, Noom, OkCredit, Peloton, Primark, Robinhood, Royal Mail, Rupeek, Spotify, Shopify, Tesco, Tesla, TikTok, Trell, Twitter, Uber, Udaan, Unacademy, Vedantu, Walmart, Zomato, Zillow – This is…
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